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Advanced Infrastructure

We ultilize the most sophisticated,cutting edge technology to provide you with supremely practicle solutions that makes a real difference to the way you run your business the other Service Providers

24 x 7 Support

Wishnet provides a cost-effective Linux Hosting. Our 24/7 Network Operations Center combined with a 99.995% uptime supported business-critical Linux Hosting environments.

Value Added Services

Wish Net offers many addon Value Added Services along with the main services such as Wish Secure-a secure form of accessing the websites making sure that your computer is not watched remotely by any mechanisms.

We Offer

Home & SOHO Broadband Connection.

Wish Net offers verity of services for Home users and SOHO. We have customized our packages to satisfy the customer need which is the result of continuous market research. The packages combined with Value Added Services (VAS). They can pick just the right one for them. The speed can reach up to their expectation and depend on their desired VAS they can choose the package also.

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Premium Leased Circuit

As the Internet euphoria swept across the world over the past few years, the information and communication needs of enterprises has grown limitless and the performance of any enterprise depends upon how quickly and efficiently an organization communicate and grab the information and opportunities.

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Software & Hosting Solution

Telecom sector is taking-off to new heights. Telecom Authority is promoting and improving communication facilities with their new rules and regulations. Major Telecom giants are taking lead in expanding their operations in Telecom as well as in Broadband operation to cater the booming demand of new age communication.

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